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Casing Patch,
Lead-Seal Type

The damaged portion of casing must be cut and removed from the hole. It is important to properly cut and dress the top of the down-hole casing for effective engagement and pack-off. The top of the string remaining down-hole must be prepared for engagement. Preparation can include rolling the casing with a GOTCO Casing Roller to assure roundness and proper diameter.


The casing patch consists of a bowl, guide, grapple carrier, grapple, grapple control, and seal assembly. Load bearing components are high strength heat treated alloy steel to ensure string integrity is maintained. A box connection on the upper end of the casing patch will be cut to customer specifications.

The seal assembly is composed of two sleeves manufactured from pure, unalloyed, fully annealed lead. These lead sleeves will provide the seal in the patch which joins the two casing strings. Seal rings aid in setting in the lead seals into the correct position.

Assembly and Operation

Make up the casing patch to the bottom of the new casing string. Be sure to use tongs only on the upper end of the bowl, near the top connection. Lower the tool into the hole. When the fish is reached, slowly lower the casing patch while rotating slowly to the right. Continue until the fish has passed through the guide and bottomed out in the grapple carrier. Stop rotation. Slowly pick up the string to remove any weight or residual torque.

Caution: Backlash could cause the patch to disengage. The lead seal is set by raising the string. After the casing patch has been set into position, it becomes a permanent part of the casing string.

The casing patch may be removed if necessary by bumping down to release the grip of the grapple. Slowly raise the string while rotating to the right. Continue until the patch has cleared the casing. Lift from the hole.


Packer type, underwater well head and cementing type patches available upon request.


For sizes, specifications, and ordering instructions download this page in PDF format.

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