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Fishing Magnet

The Gotco Fishing Magnet is a junk retrieval tool designed to effectively remove metal particles, shavings, and debris from the bottom of the well bore. The process of retrieving small, oddly shaped objects is one of the most frequent and most difficult fishing jobs.

Typically, these objects are the result of bit failures that leave cones and cutters in the hole, or are an accumulation of mill cuttings, or are simply accidental droppings of unmillable objects into the hole. In these cases, the fish is nearly always an odd-shaped object that cannot be engaged in the normal manner.

Fishing magnets successfully remove these small objects from the hole bottom. The tool's design incorporates generous circulation holes that wash away the cuttings and other debris that other wise would prevent contact with the magnet. Fishing magnets can be run on either wire line or pipe.


The fishing magnet is constructed from steel specially selected for its ability to conduct the necessary magneto-motive forces. The magnet element is one of the most powerful permanent magnets available. Used properly, it will never lose its charge. A variety of shoes are available to accommodate any retrieval situation.

Caution: Magnets are charged while in the assembled state and should not be disassembled. Disassembly is dangerous and can cause serious injury due to the extreme forces generated by the magnet element.

Assembly and Operation

No assembly is required other than selecting the desired shoe and installing it on the lower end of the magnet assembly. Make up the magnet assembly to the bottom of the fishing string. Run in the hole, and hold the magnet 6 to 12 inches above the fish. Circulate generously to wash away cuttings. Reduce circulation, lower the magnet to the fish, and rotate slightly to obtain good contact. Cut off circulation and lift the magnet from the hole.

Optional Components and Accessories

Guides - A flush guide is assembled as standard equipment. Lipped guides and mill guides are also available. The lipped guide assists the operator in centralizing the fish to assure contact with the magnet. The mill guide enables the operator to mill any soft formation or settling, thus freeing the debris at the bottom of the hole.

Wire Line Adapter - An adapter is available to install between the magnet and the cable head or socket.

Magnet Charger - The Gotco Magnet Charger provides the highest strength possible for recharging your fishing magnets. While magnets should not lose their effectiveness during normal handling and operation, conditions exist which can reduce their charge. Welding a magnet subjects the magnet circuit to electrical current which can adversely affect the charge. Similarly, storing the magnet in the vicinity of electric motors, or bringing magnets too close to each other can be detrimental to the magnet's strength. Recharging is quick and simple. There is no limit to the number of times a magnet can be recharged, and with proper handling a recharged magnet will retain maximum strength indefinitely.

Keepers - Keeper bars are recommended when magnets are stored. They are placed on the face of the magnet and will consume most of the flux generated by the magnet element. This will reduce the potential for the attraction of miscellaneous metal items or particles. Keepers can be safely and easily removed at any time.

Air Shipments - If shipping by air, consult your freight forwarder. Special handling is required by most airlines when shipping magnetized items.


For sizes, specifications, and ordering instructions download this page in PDF.

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