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Taper Tap

The GOTCO Taper Tap is an internal catch fishing tool designed to retrieve tubuar members from the well bore. It is the most economical tool of its kind for freeing fish.


The Taper Tap is manufactured from high grade alloy and specially heat treated.

The basic Taper Tap is a single piece construction. The hardened cutting teeth (wickers) are carbo-nitrided and machined on a shallow taper (approximately 3/4 inch per foot) to provide an excellent grip for light duty pick-up jobs. Plain watertight wickers are furnished as standard equipment. Fluted wickers are also available on request. Taper Taps are furnished either plain otr threaded for skirts.

Assembly and Operation

Assemble the Taper Tap to the bottom of the fishing string. Run in the hole until reaching the fish. Apply minimum weight (less than one point) and rotate sufficiently to allow the wicker threads to be embedded into the interior surface of the fish. (Be careful
not to apply excessive weight or to rotate excessively. This could cause damage to the wickers.)
Once the fish has been securely engaged, it can be lifted from the hole.

Optional Components

Skirt - The skirt is used when the Taper Tap has been threaded for a skirt. The skirt is assembled to the Taper Tap and will assist in guiding the fish for proper engagement and retrieval. Several types of skirts can be ordered; plain end, lipped end, or threaded end with a thread protector for adding standard oversized guide.

Guides - A guide can be assembled to the bottom of a threaded skirt. When the hole size is considerably larger than the diameter of the fish, there may be sufficient room for the Taper Tap to pass along side of the fish without engaging it. In this case, an oversized guide can be used to engage the fish securely and to properly guide it onto the Taper Tap.

Standard Taper Taps are supplied with right-hand threads. Left-hand threads are available on request at no extra charge.


For sizes, specifications, and ordering instructions download this page in PDF.

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