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Fishing Jar

The Gotco Hydraulic Fishing Jar is an easy-to-use accessory tool that assists in various operations such as fishing, testing, coring, reaming, and washover. Designed to be installed in the string above the fishing tool assembly, it allows the operator to deliver an upward blow to the equipment installed in the string below the jar. This is particularly helpful when the string is stuck or restricted and cannot be lifted only by pulling.


Fishing jars are constructed from high-strength, impact-resistant alloy. Specially heat treated to provide the ultimate in toughness and durability, this field proven tool is simple and easy to operate.

Assembly and Operation

For fishing operations, the jar should be installed below a string of drill collars. (For other applications, see technical manual.) Lower the string and engage the fish. Once engaged, simply pull upward, stretching the drill string.

The jar will begin to open slowly as the piston meters the hydraulic fluid in the jar. once the jar has opened approximately half of its full stroke, the piston will release and the jar will suddenly open fully, releasing the energy stored in the stretched drill string, delivering the desired impact.

The amount of impact is determined by the amount of strech applied to the string. This provides the operator with complete control over the impact applied. No adjustments to the tool are required. once the jar has been tripped it can be quickly reset by lowering the string and allowing the jar to close. Heavy-duty splines allow for full torque transmission at any time. For maximum effectiveness, also use a jar impact amplifier.


For sizes, specifications, and ordering instructions download this page in PDF.

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